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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Hello loves 

Today I decided to put together a few of my favorite looks that I have been rocking this winter  When it comes to my style, there isn't a specific look I generally tend to stick to - I am kind of all over the place to be honest! I've never been one to be confined to a certain thing {or in this case a category} and if you were to ask anyone who knows me they'd tell you I wasn't lying! Now now..don't go ahead thinking I rock pink tutus and polka dot tops..I draw the line somewhere..although back in my "Naturally Sadie" days there's a good chance they included that particular outfit in my wardrobe. Ohhh Disney.

Nevertheless, Fashion & Styling is all about exploring! My style constantly changes depending on how I'm feeling that day. One day I'd rock something a little edgy yet sophisticated - girly chic - feminine & classy then switch to something super-all-out-just-plain-comfy! Now I have to admit, I'm quite attached to my high buns & leggings, so that {super-all-out-just-plain-comfy} outfit may make an appearance 98% of the time.

 Style says a lot about a person. You can in a sense see their personality in it. What I love about fashion is that there are endless ways to create a killer look. Don't ever be afraid to break boundaries - you wanna wear cheetah print pants and a fedora? - girl go for it! Tomorrow Victoria Beckham may be doing the exact same thing!  

With that said, here's a look at a few pieces I like to throw together for the winter. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel "Stylelights" for more fun videos

Remember being Unique is an amazing thing. Create your style and own it. It's your perfect vision, with {a Dash of Somthing Pretty} 

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