My Natural Spring Makeup look❤ because let's be honest..a Fresh face is always the better choice! & {BIG NEWS}

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Hello loves❤

Today was a special was the day I announced to the YouTube world where and what I've been doing for X amount of months! Of course my loyal {a Dash of Something Pretty}fans obviously got the inside scoop first!

Clearly because you guys are my favorite.

Just kidding I love you all oodles & oodles❤

But I finally unveiled the secret of becoming a {Certified Lash Technician} & {Brow & Wax Stylist}
Naturally, my amazing Subscribers serenaded me with nothing but positive words & excitement.
Which just made me melt- THIS is why I do what I do

Aside from my gushing moment, I decided to shoot a {Natural Spring Makeup look} for you all. As you are definitely aware, where I live, Spring hasn't quite made it's's snowing & I'm currently in a crop top freezing my buns off trying to film a "Spring" look..don't worry. I'm questioning my life choices too.

Nevertheless, the show must go on! Spring looks are honestly the most fun to film -why?- because you get to:

{1.} Bring out your most vibrant colors in makeup & clothing
{2.} Can get away with having a {Fresh face} even if it really doesn't require putting much of anything on
{3.} You get to prance around in floral everything..but really..go hard.

Today I decided to show you one of the effortless Natural Spring looks I like to rock during the warmer days. This look is so simple to recreate and really doesn't need much of anything at all. What I try to do for all of my tutorials is to use products that can easily be substituted. I don't believe in having to always spend ridiculous amounts of money on high end products at stores like Sephora or Mac - don't get me wrong I do have a few- but for the most part, you'd be amazed at what you can find in the drugstore that is extremely comparable! To be honest, most of my makeup products ARE from the drugstore because {A}If I'm going to film tutorials, I may as well get products that you all can easily pick up without breaking the bank, and {B} well, I don't like breaking MY bank.

With that said, check out my tutorial above and feel free to substitute as we go!
 It's all about creating your perfect vision for what looks good on YOU! 
So, I hearby grant you permission to make this look your OWN Dash of something Pretty❤ 


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