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Monday 12 January 2015

Hello loves♥

I woke up today to a beautiful snowfall and it inspired me to show you what my {Everyday Winter Makeup Routine} looks like! Although the snowfall was quite beautiful...with it came some oh so lovely grey cloudy skies..which of course isn't something a Youtuber kisses the ground for. Nevertheless, I made do with what I had and Voila!!

Many of my amazing Stylelights Subscribers have been so supportive of everything that I do and I can honestly say with all my heart, Thank you. It has been quite a journey and I am so thankful that each and every one of them have been along for the ride.

 It is amazing to see that something that was simply a hobby turned into a passion of mine! Seriously though, let's break this down.. 

I grew up in front of the camera - hence the incredible comfort talking to it as no one is a weirdo

I was always the girl {who may have been the tomboy in the sense of - I would rather play soccer at recess then gab with the girls} but I had to make sure I looked good doing it! Makeup was on point..well as best as it could be for a 10 year old. I may have succumbed to the oh so glamorous blue eye shadow...yes that's right..BLUE eye shadow. {It wasn't one of my best moments}

Growing up I would spend hours designing outfits in drawings & pairing up cute outfit ideas from my wardrobe - which were usually styled after the Olsen Twins - they were my favs #YASSSSS

And even now at my age the Style and Beauty obsession hasn't faded - I have mounds of makeup - Piles of Clothes that I simply do not know what to do with - & sadly a whole room dedicated to both. Yes I know. My Better half gives me hell for it too.

So in truth, I feel like being a Beauty & Style Vlogger just makes sense! All the pieces were there, just had to create my puzzle♥ 

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